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1 Sharks

Reviewed by Mark Blackhurst on 2014-08-31 12:57:28

A company offering cheap but very very poor conveyancing service. Fail to follow basic instruction, held onto my money as long as possible costing me hundreds in extra costs. No apology, no recompense. DO NOT USE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE.

1 poor

Reviewed by on 2014-07-18 13:46:23

1 Awful experience

Reviewed by George C-W on 2013-07-10 21:21:03

Basically an over large incompetent call centre - you can never get through on their phone line and when you do - you speak to a call centre person not a solicitor- when my remortgage finally did go through (3 months) they have still not paid me all my money that was transferred to them by halifax three weeks ago -this was due to an 'admin error' - I am being charged interest on this money by Halifax (who btw have told me they cannot help as in their eyes they have completed their bit by transferring the money to their solicitor optima legal) the whole thing is appalling and I feel helpless to do anything - don't touch them or Halifax with a barge pole

1 Do not use

Reviewed by Mike Holliday on 2013-04-02 19:52:12

I completely agree with the above comments take my advice use a local solicitor these people don't care if you never get your new home I was even laughed at by a call handler today ,I will never use these people again a very lengthy letter is now on the way to the md of Halifax building society

1 A no-can-do attitude

Reviewed by Andrew Hammond on 2012-12-17 13:47:26

Very unhelpful in completing a remortgage and transfer of equity. would not recommend for anything other than simple like for like remortgage


Reviewed by Mr Ham Sarnee on 2012-09-04 10:57:50

We are in an extremely unfortunate situation where Optima was brought in to act on behalf of a vendor who had issues with their mortgage offer. To cut a insanely long story short. They are terribly slow and totally unresponsive to any query on progress. They do not know when they will start something and they do not know when they will finish anything and this usually punctuated with impossibly long pauses in between. Thus the entire chain is now at the mercy of this complacent and incompetent bunch of bureaucrats. I would seriously think very hard about engaging with them on your sale.

2 Cheap but SLOW!!!!

Reviewed by Lauren Jones on 2012-08-14 13:17:47

Optima Legal\\\'s conveyancing services were introduced to us through our mortgage provider, and using them was mandatory if we wanted this particular mortgage deal (they will pay Optima\\\'s fee, and we pay the other costs). Initially things moved quite quickly, with all the searches being requested promptly. However, when it came to the more complex work such as reading reports and writing to the vendors solicitor for more information (which I think has to be done by the dedicated \\\'case handler\\\') it has taken an average of a week a half to two weeks for them to read reports and write the letters. I have chased them by phone and email many times and have not had an apology or explanation for these delays. A few times I have been told the letters would be sent out \\\"shortly\\\", only to find that nothing had been done a week later. They have an \\\'online tracking service\\\', which they rarely update (I have told them to update it at some points) so it is pretty pointless. We are first time buyers and the property has no chain, and there have not been any complications with the sale. Yet it has taken 10 weeks so far and we havent even exchanged yet!!! I estimate that 3 or 4 of those weeks have been caused by Optima delays, so far. Yes we only have to pay for the searches etc so this option is cheap, but I would rather pay more to a local solicitor that cares about their clients and does a good and efficient job. Very disappointing service, especially since their email signatures state they have won Best Law Firm of the Year from the Mortgage Finance Gazette Awards 2012!!

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